Hey Everyone

Hey guys, it’s me, Zach. This is my first post for my blog. Yes, I know it’s a bit late. I just wanted to say I’m excited to start this thing and hopefully entertain and inform everyone reading this about the cosmic awesomeness that is film. Seriously, film is THAT awesome. It’d be like if Morgan Freeman and Chuck Norris had a child (somehow), and then that child talked like Christopher Walken and acted like a total badass like Sean Connery mixed with Bruce Willis. That’s Film.

One thought on “Hey Everyone

  1. I completely appreciate your enthusiasm for the art of film, Zach. And I’ll be interested to see how that translates into blog posts here. Since you’ve not yet done so, I’d also like to remind you to create a post about a star or two that you find particularly compelling. This individual doesn’t have to be one of the stars you’ll focus on in your scrapbooks; rather, the post assignment is simply intended as a “warm-up” for that project.

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